Terms & Conditions

Wayra Routers strongly advises that all travelers carefully read these Terms & Conditions, as all rights and obligations between Wayra Routers and each passenger will be governed by these as herein described.

General Booking Terms

Individual Bookings

  • 66 Days or more prior to Departure: A non-refundable deposit of US$400 per person is due at time of booking.* The deposit is required within 10 days after a booking is confirmed.
  • Final non-refundable payment is due 65 days prior to departure.
  • 65 Days or less prior to Departure: Full non-refundable payment is due 65 days prior to departure.

*For Galapagos cruises and/or certain lodges, haciendas and/or hotels this amount varies. In such case, you will be notified by your Destination Specialist.

For reservations for Private Cruise Charters
In Galapagos, Peru, and other destinations.

Please inquire with us about booking terms. Chartering a yacht involves a serious financial commitment for which the Charterer assumes all responsibility and risk and is in no reason or circumstance exempt from the charter cancellation policies. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements entitles Wayra Routers to cancel the booking and withhold return of all payments received. The payment of the deposit or of any payment for a reservation, and the submission of the Registration Form, shall constitute consent to all the provisions contained herein. With this, the passenger understands and accepts all provisions without restriction, including their consequences, contained in Wayra Routers' Terms and Conditions.

Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policies

In the case of cancellation. which must be done in writing by the passenger, the following payment, cancellation, and refund policy will apply:

  • All payments received are non-refundable.
  • All due payments are owed and will be applied as cancellation penalty.
  • Upon cancellation, the passenger releases the cancelled space and all rights over it to Wayra Routers.

Wayra Routers reserves the right (in its sole and absolute discretion) to alter or omit any part of the itinerary with due notice to the passengers wherever practicable. Such rescheduling does not constitute a cancellation by Wayra Routers. All reasonable efforts will be made by Wayra Routers to ensure that the passenger's travel objectives are met. Wayra Routers strongly recommends all passengers to purchase travel cancellation and interruption insurance as protection against an unforeseen event which may force them to cancel their booking before departure or leave a tour while it is in progress.

Under special interest departures, where Wayra Routers has marketed a departure to deliver a special interest person, if the person is unable to perform the special interest terms as per the marketing material provided, Wayra Routers shall refund only the special interest surcharge and the passenger shall continue with the departure. If the passenger decides to cancel the booking, Wayra Routers would proceed according to its cancellation policies.


Wayra Routers offers all-inclusive journeys and therefore it does not offer an itemized breakdown of its rates under any circumstances. The rates are indicated in U.S. dollars (USD). Current and additional taxes and surcharges not explicitly mentioned on this document may also change/apply depending on the rules, regulations legislation and discretion of the National Parks, native communities, and the local government. Wayra Routers reserves the right to alter rates or introduce surcharges accordingly, even when payment has already been received in full.

Please note that the local government may increase taxes or fuel with little or no prior notice. Wayra Routers is not responsible for coverage of said possible increase.

Medical Evacuation and Health Insurance

Wayra Routers strongly suggests participants to be adequately covered by a Medical Evacuation and Health policy that covers aero-medical evacuation from any region within Ecuador mainland and/or the Galapagos (at least $ 50,000 USD) as a result of a medical emergency during the expeditions, including emergencies related to pre-existing health conditions. Note that certain suppliers in Ecuador mainland or cruises in the Galapagos Islands might require participants to purchase Medical Evacuation and Health policy as stated above, in such case you will be notified by your Destination Specialist or Travel Agent.


Wayra Routers is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the passenger or passenger's booking agents in preparing for the voyage, including non-refundable or penalty- carrying airline tickets, special clothing, visa or passport fees or other voyage related expenses. A tight time-schedule connection with a Galapagos cruise is unwise. For this reason, Wayra Routers strongly suggests that a flexible air ticket be held for your journey home. In no case is Wayra Routers responsible for any expense or penalty incurred by the passenger or passenger's booking agents deriving from a change in the ending date of the tour.

Wayra Routers shall not be responsible for property loss or damage and/or any damages resulting from illness, personal injuries, emotional trauma or death that may be sustained by reason of force majeure which may include but are not limited to forces of nature, the unpredictable behavior of wild animals, altitude, consumption of alcoholic beverages, physical exertion, acts of war, terrorism, insurrection, revolt or other civil or military uprising, pandemic and epidemic events, amongst others, occurring in the countries of origin or destination.

Wayra Routers acts only as agent on behalf of complimentary services from transport companies (air, sea or ground), hotels, and other suppliers that are included in the tour, and as such Wayra Routers will exercise every possible care.

For your convenience, Wayra Routers has secured seats with the airlines to ensure our guests have spaces available for their travel dates. We require you book your domestic flights through Wayra Routers to ensure you arrive with your group and on time for your departure. Wayra Routers is not responsible or liable for any flights that are not purchased through Wayra Routers. Please note that only in certain routes there are limited economy plus (or similar classes) spaces. Please note that the local government may increase taxes or fuel with little or no prior notice. Wayra Routers is not responsible for coverage of said possible increase. For routes to the Galapagos Islands, Wayra Routers charges $50 USD per guest processing fee for changes in flight routes or dates, and, in some cases, depending on when the change is requested, full cancellation penalty may apply as per airline terms & conditions. In addition to the processing fee, there might be a price adjustment. For other destinations within Ecuador, Peru or Chile, we are subject to the airline and rates conditions.

Any agreement or contract entered directly by and between the Passenger and any third-party contractor shall be exclusively between such parties and as such, Wayra Routers is relieved and held harmless from any refunds due to any missed part(s) of the itinerary and damages whether financial, personal or to property resulting from such contractual obligations.

Wayra Routers strongly urges participants to purchase insurance that adequately covers all eventualities. Trip cancellation or interruption coverage or Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) travel insurance should cover cruise or tour cancellation for reasons of force majeure including but not limited to weather conditions, government actions, war, riots, acts of God, mechanical breakdown, pandemic and epidemic events, travel advisories, amongst others or accidental damage to ship, other means of transportation and other circumstances beyond its control, including answering any distress call or any action necessary to save or preserve life at sea. These policies insure the customer against paying out-of-pocket for non-refundable expenses of a tour in the form of cancellation fees should the customer have to either cancel or miss part of a tour due to reasons covered in the policy, which typically include illness, injury, and flight delay. Wayra Routers shall not be liable for debacle or inability to perform its cruises or tours by reason of force majeure.

Under the aforementioned conditions Wayra Routers is under no obligation whatsoever to provide substitution, replacement of services, credits for other regional or domestic destinations of Wayra Routers or its future payments, or refunds to the participants so affected.

On the very rare occasion that Wayra Routers deems it necessary to cancel a cruise or tour (for reasons other than force majeure) and is not able to arrive at any suitable substitution options, it reserves the right to cancel the cruise or tour in total and offer the affected customer the following options:

  • A replacement trip to be offered at a later date in accommodations of equal or greater value and replacement of any unused services such as hotels and excursions as well as the cost of changing the affected customer's international air tickets depending on the rules governing the ticket and subject to proof of cost of change. The cost of intervening hotels, meals and transportation associated with substitutions will be equal to the originally booked services. Expenses beyond the original booked services and/or any items not expressly covered in the original services, such as use of additional hotel services, are the sole responsibility of the customer and not of Wayra Routers. The customer agrees not to commit to any third-party penalties, fees or additional costs that will be included as part of the substitution request without the prior consent of Wayra Routers. A refund of the full net amount Wayra Routers was paid for the tour by the customer, including the refund of any unused services such as airfare only if purchased through Wayra Routers, as well as the cost of changing the affected passenger's international air tickets only if for a future tour, depending on the rules governing the ticket and subject to proof of cost of change. The customer agrees not to commit to any third-party penalties, fees or additional costs that will be included as part of the refund request without the prior consent of Wayra Routers. In all the above mentioned cases in which Wayra Routers pays a refund, either in total or pro rata, its responsibility will be limited to the net amount it was paid by the customer for the tour.
  • For reasons of force majeure as defined previously, Wayra Routers reserves the right to pay any approved refunds between 180 to 360 days after the date of approval of the refund.
  • In the case of a medical problem arising during the tour, including those related to pre-existing conditions, which results in costs for evacuation or repatriation, the responsibility for payment of these costs belongs solely to the passenger. Wayra Routers requires that such eventualities are covered by travel insurance. If not covered by travel insurance, the responsibility to pay this cost still remains with the passenger and Wayra Routers specifically declines any responsibility whatsoever.


Certain destinations within Peru, Patagonia and Ecuador mainland and/or or the Galapagos are located in a remote part of the world, and Wayra Routers reserves the right to change the itinerary described in the brochure due to weather conditions, forces of nature, availability of anchorages or landing sites, safety of the carrier and human lives, pandemic and epidemic events, amongst others, political conditions, rules, regulations and legislation of the National Parks and local government, technical reasons and other factors beyond Wayra Router's control without consulting the participants. Any operation will be carried out exclusively and absolutely according to the judgment of Wayra Routers, its Tour Guides, or Captains, whose decision will be definite and will not be questioned by any party. It is understood that such decisions will be made in the best interests and safety of all the passengers, the crew and the vessel. Participants have no right to any refund or other considerations in the event of these inevitable itinerary changes.

Photography & Video

Passengers extend Wayra Routers permission to take their photograph and video during the voyage and authorize Wayra Routers to make use of such photographs and video for promotional and to illustrate the trips organized by the company. Passengers who do not wish to be photographed or videotaped during the voyage must inform Wayra Routers in writing, prior to the voyage. Wayra Routers will not be held responsible for the usage of photographs and/or videos taken by third parties during the tour. Kindly note that drones are strictly prohibited in most National Parks in the region.


These tours are intended for persons in reasonably good health. By forwarding the deposit the passenger certifies that he/she does not have any physical or mental conditions or other condition or disability that may create a hazard to himself/herself or other passengers. By submitting the Registration Form (which will be provided via a secure link) to Wayra Routers, the passenger:

  • Declares under his/her sole and unique responsibility that the information contained in the form is true, complete, and updated to the time of travel and that he/she is fit and fully able to participate in the voyage, is able to take care of himself/herself during the voyage and will not be an obstacle for the enjoyment of the trip for all other passengers;
  • Accepts that the expedition will take him/her to remote areas without sophisticated medical facilities, supplies or access to emergency care, and understands that medical attention aboard ships is limited to basic care, and that an emergency evacuation may be delayed;
  • Undertakes to ensure that for the duration of the tour, including possible delays, he/she will carry any and all necessary medications, and in sufficient quantity, to prevent, counter, or remedy any effects on his/ her health that could be caused by his/her medical condition;
  • Understands that experiencing certain destinations will involve frequent transfers ashore to landing sites, or to snorkeling/dive sites, aboard dinghies (zodiacs) or canoes, requiring some physical effort and balance;
  • Dinghy or canoe landings on stone jetties with wet, slippery lava rocks, or wooden/concrete platforms, and others on sandy beaches with some surf, all of which require some sure footedness and physical effort on the part of the participant;
  • Daily walks and hikes that may include walking at high altitudes (from 9,168 to 12,470 ft. above sea level), on irregular, uneven, muddy, and elevated terrain including boulders, slippery surfaces, rocks and other obstacles in the hot sun, high humidity, rain all of which require some sure footedness and physical effort on the part of the participant;
  • Snorkeling or swimming from canoes and/or dinghies in rivers, lakes, and/or open waters that at times will be fairly deep, cold and possibly with currents;
  • Understands that briefings will be given in advance of each activity and landing/snorkeling/swimming/hiking outings and other activities and it is his/her choice and responsibility in choosing to participate in a given activity, along with the risks involved;
  • Acknowledges that the enjoyment and excitement derived from an expedition and/or adventure trip comes in part from the inherent risks incurred when traveling including exposure to the activities offered during a tour such as, but not limited to, swimming, hiking, sea kayaking, snorkeling, navigations, and scuba diving, which are all enjoyed with the customers voluntary participation;
  • Understands and accepts that he/she is responsible for their own welfare, and accept any and all risks of delay, unanticipated events, death, illness, injury or emotional trauma and acknowledge that they are voluntarily participating on the tour and its activities in full knowledge of these risks and therefore discharges Wayra Routers and its owners, agents, contractors, affiliates and employees from and against any and all liability arising from their participation in the tour;
  • Understands and accepts that Wayra Routers and its providers cannot, and will not, be held responsible or liable for any possible consequences resulting from his/her health condition during or after the program, and specifically for any food, beverage, ingredient, or any other substance that could cause a direct or indirect allergic reaction;
  • Understands and accepts to inform Wayra Routers, at the earliest convenience (in the specified area of the Registration Form), of any special dietary needs;
  • Understands and accepts that Wayra Routers shall not be responsible for refunds, cashbacks, credit card claims, property loss or damage and/or any damages resulting from illness, personal injuries, emotional trauma or death that may be sustained by reason of force majeure which may include but are not limited to forces of nature, the unpredictable behavior of wild animals, altitude, consumption of alcoholic beverages, physical exertion, acts of war, terrorism, insurrection, revolt or other civil or military uprising, pandemic and epidemic events, amongst others, occurring in the countries of origin or destination;
  • Understands and accepts Wayra Routers's policy regarding the acceptance of pregnant women (pregnant women who have entered the 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age at any time during the cruise should not be eligible to sail) on as presented in the Registration Form, including Wayra Routers's right to deny or limit participation should any information regarding a pregnancy be omitted in full or in part;
  • Accepts that Wayra Routers reserves the right to request additional information regarding his/her health and physical suitability to participate in a voyage.

Wayra Routers welcomes on its tour's children 5 years of age and older (unless it is a private charter), provided that they comply with the requirements applicable to all passengers and that an adult taking full responsibility of the minor accompanies them.

Regardless of the above, Wayra Routers reserves the right to exclude, deny or remove a passenger from all or part of the tour, should the passenger be considered by Wayra Routers, its Captains, Guides and/or any responsible party to be physically or mentally unable to participate safely or is considered a threat or hazard to himself or others. Should a passenger's participation in a tour be justifiably declined by Wayra Routers the participant will forfeit all funds paid without recourse to substitution or refund and bear any cost associated with leaving the tour, and this will be the limit of Wayra Routers's liability. Wayra Routers shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages, whether known or unknown, under any circumstances whatsoever. Wayra Routers's decision to decline a passenger's participation in any tour shall be taken in its sole and absolute discretion.

Wayra Routers's leaders and guides will do their utmost to ensure that any problems are solved for the benefit of the group and the voyage as a whole.

The Passengers accept Wayra Routers's authority (whether it be a Captain, Expedition Leader, Operations Manager or Field Guide) to make decisions affecting the group. For instance, an individual may be denied participation in a tour, or his/her participation in certain activities may be denied or restricted by a Wayra Routers leader, if that individual's health is at risk, an illegal act is committed, or his/her behavior becomes detrimental to the safety, enjoyment, or wellbeing of the group. Should a Wayra Routers leader take such action, that person would not be entitled to any refund whatsoever. If the disturbing behavior or damage (as described above) should occur, all costs resulting from this shall be charged to the passenger.

The Passenger accepts and acknowledges that he/she will participate in a tour that involves other participants and that each participant has the right to enjoy the tour safely and without any negative impact from other passengers.

The Passenger agrees to support and not be a detriment to the wellbeing and enjoyment of the tour by the group.


The Passenger's baggage, including all his/her belongings, is under his/her sole and exclusive care and responsibility. The passenger accepts that Wayra Routers shall have no liability for loss or damage howsoever caused, even if by the negligence of the company. Wayra Routers strongly recommends to passengers to obtain insurance for all baggage and other personal property. The passenger is not allowed to transport, not bring or have aboard any firearms, flammable or hazardous items, controlled or prohibited substances or drugs, contraband or items prohibited by any country or port or airport to be visited, or any other item that is not admitted by the Passenger Contract of shipping and transport companies, airlines, hotels, and other suppliers providing services that are included in the tour.


Gratuities to recognize excellent service are a personal matter and are entirely at the discretion of the passenger. Recommended amounts are available in the Pre-trip document.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged

All staterooms have safety boxes for your personal use. We recommend that any documents, cash, jewelry, or fragile items be safely secured. Wayra Routers will not be liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items while on your trip and/or cruise. We strongly recommend all guests to purchase insurance to cover loss or damaged items.

Use of Personal Equipment

Wayra Routers does not allow the use of motorized or naturally powered equipment by passengers during its expeditions. This includes the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), radio-controlled surface and underwater vehicles, kites, and all types of equipment that could result in contamination of the environment of National Parks, harm to its wildlife, or destruction of patrimonial buildings.

Use of Personal Data

Passengers' personal data collected by Wayra Routers are used exclusively to provide the services of the tour booked, and to manage the passenger's security, safety, and wellbeing during the tour. As necessary, data will be shared with third party service providers, such as transportation, accommodation, and insurance providers, who collaborate with Wayra Routers on the delivery of the tour. Data will also be shared with authorities as required by law, regulation, or court orders.

Restrained Products for the Galapagos Islands

Local authorities manage the quarantine system of Galapagos National Park in order to avoid the arrival of foreign species to the islands. All cargo and luggage that arrives to Galapagos National Park or that is transferred from one island to another must be inspected. To preserve the human health and the native species of the Galapagos Islands, the following products may not be transferred to Galapagos: fresh vegetables and fruits, animal products and or its derivate or dairy products. Other live animals, pathological samples, dry coffee beans, genetically modified organisms, forest species or the disseminative parts, grass and its disseminative parts, fresh flowers medicinal plants and their disseminative parts, banana tree leaves, microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, etc.) soil and sand, and animal vaccines are strictly prohibited.

Scuba Diving in the Galapagos, Hunting& Sport Fishing in other destinations

Those wishing to dive in the Galapagos during one of the departures can do so with a land-based outfitter offering day dives, either before or after the cruise, as well as any day we are in port during the cruise, with the understanding that the participant will miss whatever activity is being offered during that time. Although sport fishing is offered in certain destinations, we do not support this activity as it does not align with the values of conserving, protecting, and restoring the natural world. Hunting is strictly forbidden in all National Parks including the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon and Patagonia.

Dispute Settlement, Law, Arbitration,Jurisdiction & Attorney Fees

The Parties agree to settle any dispute arising between them first and foremost in an amicable manner. In the event of failure to effectuate an amicable settlement, the Parties agree to submit all disputes to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) whose jurisdiction and venue for the arbitration proceeding will be in Miami, Florida, United States and as such the Parties renounce any alternative venues and jurisdictions. Resolution of the dispute will be governed by the laws of the state of Florida, and the maximum recoverable amount to which the customer will be entitled under any and all circumstances will be the net cost of their trip paid to Wayra Routers. If, under a dispute against Wayra Routers, the Passenger is found to have been negligent, said Passenger will be responsible for covering all legal costs associated with the dispute for both his/her expenses as well as for those incurred by Wayra Routers.

Questions or Observations

If you have any questions or observations on the above Terms & Conditions, please contact us.